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Internet ToolKit v4.3, v5.0, v6.0, v7.0, v8.0

Available language(s)

Low-level TCP/IP tools for 4D.

* ITK Blob commands - convert pictures, search in a blob, store a blob into a record without need for a field.

* ITK Conversion Commands - Base64, MacBinary,uuencode, gzip, HQX, quoted printable, timezone/RFC#1123 savvy date/time easy HTML/text.

* ITK Encryption Commands (blob and text) - DES, TripleDES, 3Way,CAST-128, TwoFish-128, AES-256, Unix Crypt, digest (MD5, SHA, RIPEMD-160, SHA-1 + CRDC32, ADLER32 checksums), ROT13.

* ITK SSL Commands - Certificates (including chained) and private keys, cipher list, SSL stream information.

* ITK TCP/IP Commands - Low lever TCP/IP stream control: listen, open, receive and send (text/blob/file), send picture, UTF-8 on the fly conversion, release, status and stream information, unreceive, wait.

* ITK UDP Commands - Connectionless data transfer (without requiring to open a connection): create endpoints, send, receive, release.

* ITK Utility Commands - Interprocess Communication commands (IPC) without need to read or write 4D variables or semaphores, IP address/hostname conversion, picture save/load.

Published by Plugin Masters. Written by Aparajita Fishman, based on the original work by Christian Quest.

Internet ToolKit v4.3, v5.0, v6.0, v7.0, v8.0

Partner License (one year) - Includes all 4 plugins + ALP Print option
1 - 2
450.00 €

Single User
Single user (development & deployment)
95.00 €

Server license (per server) - 2 to 10 users
2 - 10
195.00 €
Server license (per server) - 11 to 20 users
11 - 20
295.00 €
Server license (per server) - over 20 users
> 20
395.00 €
Server upsize
100.00 €

Upgrade from all previous versions (single user or server)
50.00 €

Unlimited (annual)
Unlimited single-user license (one year)
295.00 €
OEM unlimited license (one year)
395.00 €

Internet ToolKit (ITK) has been totally rewritten up to current standards, such as Unicode, UTF-8, 64-bit server MacOS and Windows, 4D v14-v19 and more.

Compatibility has been preserved as much as possible so that your existing ITK code should need little updating if any.

In addition to 4D and 4D Internet Commands built-in features, ITK allows low-level TCP programming and many conversion/encryption functions, as well as direct communication features such as UDP and IPC.

New in ITK v4:
- ITK v4 supports the new e-Node automatic online registration as all current e-Node plugins
- 64-bit support
- Unicode (size limit is now 2GB)
- New conversion filters
- Posix paths
- AES (also known as Rijndael) 256 encryption
- UTF-8 built-in conversion
- New entirely rewritten PDF manual


ITK requires a registration key to unlock the product making it a full working version.
Without the registration key, the plugin will operate in demonstration mode during 20 minutes.

Registering your License
There are four ways to register your license:
- using the Demo mode dialog “Register” button,
- though a text file,
- in your 4D code with a command,
- through the online registration system.

Yearly licenses such as Unlimited single user, OEM and Partner do not require any serial information or online registration. The only way to register these licenses is through the registration command.

Like all Plugin Masters plug-ins, ITK offers several license types. There are no such things as MacOS vs Windows or Development vs Deployment
Note: if you are using several concurrent versions of 4D you will need one plugin license for each version.
A new license will be supplied for free at any time (maximum once a year) if you change your 4D version or get a new 4D registration key for the same version, provided that your previous license matches the current public version at exchange time. This rule applies whether you are already using the new version or not: just specify that you also want a key for the older version as well as the current one when you order an upgrade. It also applies to merged licenses (see below), but you’ll only need to replace your license if your hardware configuration is modified or in case of a major version upgrade.


- Regular licenses are used for applications that are opened with 4D Standalone or 4D Server, either in interpreted or compiled mode (doesn’t make a difference regarding plugin licensing). These licenses are linked to the 4D or 4D Server license.

- Merged licenses are used for double-clickable applications built with 4D Volume Desktop (single user) or with 4D Server by means of the 4D Compiler module. These licenses are linked to the machine ID (single user workstation or server). This mode also applies to structures run with 4D Runtime (unregistered 4D).

License types

Single user
This license allows development (interpreted mode) or deployment (interpreted or compiled mode, including merged) of applications that are opened with 4D Standalone or built with 4D Volume Desktop.

These licenses allow development (interpreted mode) or deployment (interpreted or compiled mode, including merged servers / remotes) on 4D Server with up to 10 users (“small server”), 11 to 20 users (“medium server”) or more (“large server”).

Unlimited Single user
This license allows development (interpreted mode) or deployment (interpreted or compiled mode, including merged) on any number of 4D Standalone (or single user merged applications built with 4D Volume Desktop) that run your 4D application(s).
It is a yearly license, which expires after the date when it is to be renewed. Expiration only affects interpreted mode. Compiled applications using an obsolete license will never expire.
A single license key will unlock all setups on all compatible 4D versions and all versions of the plugin. 
The license key is linked to the developer/company name.
This license allows deployment (selling new application licenses, updates or subscriptions) while the license is valid. No new deployment may occur after expiry without a specific license (merged or regular). 
End-users running deployments sold during the license validity period remain authorized without time limit, provided that they are no longer charged for the application using the plug-in (including maintenance or upgrades).

This license allows development (interpreted mode) or deployment (interpreted or compiled mode, including merged) on any number of 4D Servers (any number of users), 4D Standalone or single user/remote merged instances that run your 4D application(s).
It is a yearly license, under the exact same terms as the Unlimited Single User license described above, except that it also covers server deployments.

Unlimited OEM
This license is a global OEM license, covering any combination of AreaList Pro with Print option, SuperReport ProCalendarSet and Internet Toolkit in all configurations.

This license matches 4D's annual Partner subscription and covers AreaList Pro with Print option, SuperReport ProCalendarSet and Internet Toolkit.
For each product, a single registration key allows development (interpreted mode) or deployment (interpreted or compiled mode, except merged) on all 4D Standalones and 4D Servers (2 users) regardless of 4D product numbers, OS and versions. No merged applications.
This is a yearly license, which expires on February 1st (same date as 4D Partner licenses).
Expiration only affects interpreted mode. Compiled applications using an obsolete license will never expire
Note: you don’t have to be a 4D Partner subscriber to subscribe to the Partner license.

Second plugin license set for 4D next version - 50% discount
Many developers keep on using their current environment while migrating towards the next version of 4D and perhaps waiting for a future subversion.
Regular plug-in licenses (single user & server) are linked to the 4D serial number, therefore you will need an additional license set for your new 4D version single user and/or server(s).
50% discount is available on this second set of licenses, provided that you already have a license for a previous version of 4D, for each new 4D version license to purchase.
Enter the code "EXTRA" under the "Promotion code" field when ordering from our website.

This promotion is not available for upgrades or OEM/Unlimited/Partner licenses.